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Yoga Classes

There is a fully equipped yoga studio on-site and the weekly yoga classes are taught by Nicky McCormick, who is a trained Hatha yoga teacher. Nicky has been influenced by many Ivengar yoga teachers so incorporates a strong alignment focus in her teaching. Nicky brings her passion for yoga to the classroom and encourages students to go beyond their normal boundaries so they can feel more of the therapeutic benefits yoga has to offer. Pranayama (Yogic Breathing) and Meditation are also incorporated into the yoga classes. 

* Experienced in both Head and Shoulder stand (Permission required to join the class)

General Classes can also be attended via zoom (at request)

For online payments: 

Account Name; N McCormick - 12-3019-0019944-50 Ref: Yogaclass (+name if required)

No booking required

6pm Wednesday evenings
Intro Class
1 hr
Monday @ 10am - zoom, experienced class Monday @ 6pm - zoom, general class Wednesday @ 7.30 pm - zoom, general class
Yoga class
1 hr 30 min
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