Yoga Classes

There is a fully equipped yoga studio on-site and the weekly yoga classes are taught by Nicky McCormick, who is a trained Hatha yoga teacher. Nicky has been influenced by many Ivengar yoga teachers so incorporates a strong alignment focus in her teaching. Nicky brings her passion for yoga to the classroom and encourages students to go beyond their normal boundaries so they can feel more of the therapeutic benefits yoga has to offer. Pranayama (Yogic Breathing) and Meditation are also incorporated into the yoga classes. 

* Experienced in both Head and Shoulder stand (Permission required to join the class)


No booking required

The Intro class is once a week on Wednesday at 6pm
Intro Class
1 hr
Monday @ 10am - experienced Monday @ 6pm - General Wednesday @ 9am - zoom, general class Wednesday @ 6pm introductory class Friday @ 10am general class
Yoga class
1 hr 30 min
You can use your 10 class pass for whatever class suits you best. Monday @ 10am - experienced Monday @ 6pm - General Wednesday @ 9am - zoom, general class Wednesday @ 6p...
10 Class Pass
1 hr 30 min
Unlimited pass for the month, come join us for as many classes as you wish! Monday @ 10am - experienced Monday @ 6pm - General Wednesday @ 9am - zoom, general class Wedne...
Monthly pass
1 hr 30 min

Bernadette Hodgkinson

Nicky has taken great care and time ensuring that I am supported in Yoga to be able
to build my strength and flexibility, by adapting yoga exercise and positions, to suit
my needs. Because Nicky consistently seeks to build on her own personal
development and knowledge of Yoga, she is equipped to provide an achievable and
high standard of beneficial Yoga classes.

Jo Leyland, Motupiko

Nicky's passion and commitment to encouraging yoga practice, especially Iyengar Yoga, is a truly special source of support for those of us living here in the Motueka Valley.  Her energy has the scope to help many of us stay healthier longer, both physically and mentally, in our seemingly ever busy lives. I'd strongly recommend finding space to join one of her courses or classes and enjoy the benefits that yoga practice with a good teacher can bring.

Ross Doyle, Motueka

I had limited experience in the practice of yoga before joining Nicky’s general yoga class in the autumn of 2018. Nicky is not only deeply passionate and knowledgeable of the discipline of hatha yoga but is also a natural teacher with a genuine knack for portraying details without confusion. Her descriptions of the asanas, although portrayed in the finest detail, are explained in logical laypersons terms. I highly recommend Restore Balance for anyone wishing to learn yoga in a well-equipped studio and a peaceful environment.