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Work Exchange

The Work Exchange program is an invaluable contribution to the running of the retreat facilities, gardens, and services provided whilst at the same time providing participant(s) of the program opportunities to enjoy the facilities and attend weekly yoga classes (subsidised) as well as other learning experiences that are on offer during their stay*.  

As Restore Balance Retreat is a small Retreat facility it is often the case that exchange participants will be working solo.  All participant(s) must be able to appreciate the benefits of being able to work by themselves.




  • At least 2 weeks to 1 month of Work Exchange with pre-determined departure and arrival dates

  • 6 days schedule work a week with 1 day off

  • 5 hours of work each day, plus 1 hour for meals/break time

  • An opportunity for previous volunteers wishing to return to the retreat to negotiate an extended length of stay.


As Restore Balance Retreat is a small group Retreat Centre there is limited accommodation for the Work Exchange participants, therefore, during Retreat periods accommodation will be limited to 1 or 2 work exchange participant(s) at a time.


*Participants will be able to join Workshops/ Retreats/ Events on offer, however, this may not always be possible if work is required to be accomplished during the time of the activity.




To provide participants;


  • With an opportunity to live and work in a caring environment;

  • To develop skills enabling participants to live in a more healthy and conscious way;

  • To meet like-minded individuals, to connect, appreciate and learn from one another.




At Restore Balance Retreat we pride ourselves on comfortable accommodation. All bed mattresses have been chosen with this in mind - firm mattresses with a softness necessary to cushion shoulders and hips. Good quality pillows and linen are provided to aid in a good nights sleep!  



The work at Restore Balance Retreat is varied and depending on the time of year can range from planting, weeding, compositing, and pruning!  There are always a number of projects that can involve such things as creating pathways in the forest, building works, and repair works.


If gardening and outdoor work are not your forfeits there are jobs to help with the operation of the accommodation, this can involve cleaning, washing, bed making, preparing meals, dishwashing, and helping guests with general inquiries.


  • Appropriate shoes (there are some gumboots on site)

  • Old clothes to wear, especially if you are working outside

  • Alarm clock

  • Sunscreen for warmer months

  • Toiletries

How do you apply?

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact the Restore Balance Retreat. If you have all the information required and you believe it sounds like the right opportunity for you please send us a message through the ‘contact us’ link outlining why you want to volunteer at Restore Balance Retreat and what type of work you are interested in – Gardening/Outdoor work or Operations support and indicate your availability.  

Please leave a contact number so someone from Restore Balance can contact you to see if we can align the dates with the work available here at the Retreat.

Great experience

I have such a good woofing experience with Nicky. She is a very warm woman and I felt very welcome to her place. She shares a lot with the volunteers. I have learned about yoga, meditation, spirituality... The work was fair and various. The house is beautiful, comfortable warm and the garden with the river view is so peaceful. The food was very good! She is a perfect host how cares about people. And I love to hear her stories! Thank you, Nicky, I wish you the best with your yoga retreat and I hope to see you again.


Wonderful garden. Healthy. Yoga. Inspiring.

I am very thankful that I could spend time with Nicky (and the old soul in this house Miss Minnie). And that I could look into her lifestyle. We started almost every day with Yoga, which was fantastic. My work at her property was mostly weeding all over the place, planting, and harvesting delicious vegetables and fruits. It was nice to see that Nicky was always very thankful for the work that I have done. We had a lot of interesting conversations. I love her attitude and way of thinking to life. You inspired me and made me think a lot about health and spirituality. Thank you for everything that I could learn from you! And thank you for this amazing vegetarian food. All the best for you and your beautiful project :) 

Little piece of paradise

Staying with Nicky was absolutely amazing, the place has such a calming peaceful atmosphere to it. I stayed for about 10days and prepared the vegetable beets, did some weeding and pruning, the work was really fair. Also Nicky is a wonderful cook and it was great talking to her, she shared her wisdom and knowledge with me, helping me to get a different perspective on things and gain more insight. She took me to her yoga classes and local markets and we meditated almost every night. All in all, it was an amazing stay and I learned so much about yoga and meditation and life and myself. Thank you so much Nicky it was wonderful :)

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